Redball® Lay-By Hooded Sprayer

420 Lay-By Hooded Sprayer

The Redball® Lay-By Hooded Sprayer limits spray drift while making precise applications. It comes equipped with durable Redball® Lay-By hoods available in both narrow and wide sizes as well as Redball® Spray Monitors and a durable mainframe for long term reliability.

Fast Facts

  • Streamlined spray-hood design allows the sprayer to glide between crop rows at faster speeds while limiting spray drift. Lay-by Spray Hood kits are available in 10", 20" & 28" widths.
  • 8 row and larger models have double 4x4 tubular main frame design and come with 4 gauge wheels.
  • Can be assembled with ultra-narrow rows, narrow rows or wide rows to accommodate your specific needs.


Sprayer Specs420 Lay-By Hooded Sprayer
Toolbar Structure 4x4 or 6x4 on Mainframe and 4x4 on wings.
Double Mainframe on 8W and Larger
Toolbar Configurations
120° Vertical Fold Toolbar

Stack Fold Toolbar
Rigid Toolbar

6N, 6W Manual Fold
8N, 8W Hydraulic Fold
12N, 16N, 12W
4N, 6N, 8N, 4W, 6W, 8W
Tank Sizes(s) 150 and 300-Gallon
Row Spacings 15" - 40"
Hood Sizes 10" Hood for UNR Cotton
20" Hood for 30" Rows
28" Hood for 36", 38", & 40" Rows
Boom Length(s) Varies
Hitches Three Point Hitch
Pumps Ace Hydraulic Driven Centrifugal Pump
12v Solenoid Valve & Manual Pressure Relief Valve (Std)
12v In-cab Pressure Adjustable (Opt)
Spray Nozzles Recommended TeeJet Tips (Standard)
Spray Boom Plumbing 3/8" Quick Attach Nozzle Bodies
Ball Check Strainers
Transport Width (approx.) 12' - 28'
Transport Height 7' - 13' (folded)
Spray Boom Height 30" - 38"
Length (front to back) 6'
Dual Application Plumbing Kit Optional
Post Direct Spray Attachment Kit Optional
Hose Drop Spray kit Optional
Fresh Water Safety Tank 9-Gallon
Light Kit Standard
Parking Stands Standard
Available Colors Green Powder Coat Paint Finish with Yellow Hoods
Red Powder Coat Paint Finish with Grey Hoods
Shipping Weights (approx.) 1,800 - 3,000 lbs.


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Bar Manual Hood Manual

Post Direct Ultra Narrow Lay By Hood

Operator Manuals

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