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Willmar Fabrication Sprayers

Three-Point Broadcast Hooded Sprayer

642 Three-Point Broadcast Hooded Sprayer

This product may be covered by one or more U.S. patents or pending patent applications. Click here for details.

The 642 Three-Point Wheel Boom Broadcast Hooded Sprayer helps growers take control of weeds and drift. It is lined with Redball Gen II Broadcast Hoods aimed to limit herbicide spray drift and offer better spray placement. This Redball -Hooded Sprayer is available in 20' - 50' toolbar sizes and equipped with Redball Spray Monitors.

For a 10' toolbar size, see 642 Utility Sprayer.

Trailer Hitch Attachment

The new Trailer Hitch Attachment makes the 642 Hooded Sprayer more versatile than ever. The 642 Sprayer and Hitch Attachment are ideal for ag retailers as a rental unit. The Hitch Attachment allows for easy transportation behind a truck for delivery to farmers and field locations and a quick hook-up to a tractor. In addition the Hitch Attachment can be removed and the sprayer can operate with a three-point hitch.

  • Includes 20' - 50' wide tractor-mounted, 3-point wheel booms
  • Spray drift studies have shown Redball Gen II Broadcast Hoods help reduce drift*
  • Spray nozzles are mounted inside the hood to protect the spray pattern from wind disruption for better coverage
  • Constant boom height for proper herbicide placement with use of gauge wheels
  • Frame is constructed of high-strength steel
  • Durable powder coat paint finish
  • Redball® Spray Monitors come standard
  • *Test conducted by Mississippi State and the University Nebraska, 2015-16. Information contained herein is for advertising purposes only and not intended to create any warranties.
    Feature Advantage Benefit
    Boom lengths (10', 20', 30', 40' & 50') Allows for matching of sprayer width to tractor and/or application requirements; Lengths to fit customer needs Improved productivity and efficiency; Fit length to need
    Boom mounted broadcast spray hoods Reduce drift and allow for spraying in adverse conditions; Better spray coverage; Accommodate various spray patterns; More timely application Improved productivity and efficiency; Cost effective; Give producer more control over product and spray techniques; Better stewardship
    Gen II hood design Reduce drift; Better spray coverage, and more timely application; Accommodates various nozzles Cost effective (allows for use of best nozzle for product being sprayed); Prevent loss of chemical, more consistent coverage and uniform chemical placement
    High impact poly hoods and end caps Durability of hoods Cost effective; Machine longevity
    Hood Curtains Added drift protection; Closer to plant without harm to crops Cost effective (allows for use of best nozzle for product being sprayed); Prevent loss of chemical, more consistent coverage and uniform chemical placement
    Nozzles mounted in hood Spray pattern not disrupted by wind or tall weeds or cover crops Cost effective (better coverage and control)
    Single nozzle body Change nozzles by rotating nozzle cluster Time savings and use of recommended nozzle for application
    Adjustable ratcheting gauge wheels Allows adjustment of spray height to match application requirements Improved spray distribution, effectivity, and efficiency; Time savings and proper setting
    Toolbar mounted gauge wheels Allows spray boom to follow contours of ground Improved spray distribution, effectivity, and efficiency
    Spray bar mounted personal rinse tank Allows emergency rinsing of chemicals Improved safety when dealing with chemicals
    Spray bar mounted tank platform with folding ladder Allows for easy access to tank lid Improved safety, reduced fill times, and ease of tank inspection/access
    Electrically controlled section valves Allows for three section control of spray boom Improved spray bar versatility and adjustability
    Spray Controller Control from cab Ease of operation
    Spring-shock controlled breakaway Protects spray bar from damage Longer life with less repair
    Four pivot hydraulic folding Easy fold up for transport Improved productivity and efficiency
    Three Point Quick Hitch (category 2 or 3) Ease of hook up to tractor Time savings
    Transport light kit Safety while in transport Reduced liability
    High strength steel frame More durable and robust Longer life with less repair
    Powder coat paint finish More durable finish Longer life
    Redball® Spray Monitors are standard Continuous spray monitoring; Provides positive feed back on spray performance Improved spray distribution, effectivity, and efficiency; Less control issue due to nozzle wear or clogging
    Available in green and yellow or red and grey Match primary equipment colors Customer preferred colors
    Spray bar mounted product tank (optional) No saddle tanks required on tractor Reduced setup and change over time
    Spray bar mounted product pump (optional) No pump required on tractor Reduced setup and change over time
    Printable Version
    Sprayer SpecsSprayer: 642
    Toolbar Configurations 20' Vertical Fold (Hydraulic Wing Fold Optional)
    30', 40' and 50' Hydraulic Vertical Fold
    40' Stacker Fold
    Tank Sizes(s) 20' - 50'     150 Gallon
    30' - 40'     300 Gallon
    50'     400 Gallon
    Hood Sizes 20" Broadcast Hoods
    Boom Length(s) 20', 30', 40' and 50'
    Hitches Three Point Hitch (category 2 or 3)
    Pumps ACE FMC-150HYD-206 Pump Kit
    Hypro 6500XL Pump Kit/Roller/PTO Driven
    Spray Controllers 12v Solenoid Valve & Manual Pressure Adjustable Relief Valve (standard)
    12v In-Cab Pressure Adjustable (optional)
    Spray Nozzles Tips and Strainers Not Included
    Spray Boom Plumbing 1/2" Quick Attach Diaphragm Single Nozzle Body
    Transport Width (approx.) 30' - 40'    20' Wide
    50'    23' Wide
    40' Stacker 27' 2" wide
    Transport Height (apporx.) 11' - 13'
    Fresh Water Safety Tank 9 Gallon
    Light Kit 20' - 50' Standard
    Parking Stands Standard
    Available Colors Red or Green Powder Coat Paint Finish with Grey Hoods
    Shipping Weights (approx.) 990 - 3,400 lbs.

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