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Willmar Fabrication Sprayers

Row Crop Hooded Sprayer


This product may be covered by one or more U.S. patents or pending patent applications. Click here for details.

The 915 Redball-Hooded Sprayer is the ultimate weapon against resistant weeds. This row-crop sprayer has better control of herbicide spray, reducing the chance of spray escaping. The longer hood design and open front allows weeds to enter the hood and provides improved spray coverage with different herbicides. The 915 Spray Hood also provides versatility with 16", 22", 28" and 30" hoods to help protect your crops and improve coverage.

  • Longer hood for better spray coverage
  • Sloped hood allows crop to flow around
  • Open front for flow of weeds into hood
  • Improved spray surface area
  • 50 mesh screens to reduce clogging
  • Skids have hardened surface
  • Mounting brackets pre-punched
  • Down pressure spring reduces crop injury
  • Nozzle retention plate attached to hood
  • Greased hinges reduce wearing
  • Most effective equipment available for controlling escaped weeds
  • Helps preserves soil moisture by not distributing soil
  • Leaves residue herbicide barrier unbroken
  • Allows for quicker re-entry in wet conditions
    Sloped front Allows crop limbs to flow around hood Reduced damage to crop
    Longer hood Better spray coverage Improved weed control
    Longer hood More stability More consistent post direct application
    Open front on hood Easier flow of weeds into hood vs. 420 hood Improved weed control
    Larger weed gathering bars 1/2" vs. 3/8" More durable Less repair and replacement cost
    Three nozzles under hood Better coverage vs. 420 hood Improved weed control
    Improved nozzle placement - front to back and side placement Improved coverage vs. 410 hood Potentially better weed control
    Center nozzle height - approximately three inches higher Improved coverage vs. 410 hood Potentially better weed control
    Nozzle size - 02 vs.1.5 - uses 50 mesh screen Less screen clogging Less down time for cleaning screens
    Nozzle retention plate - held by nut molded into plastic vs. screw into plastic More durable Less repair
    Spray hoses recessed into hood Keeps limbs on large cotton from damaging hoses Less repair and potential crop damage from loose hoses
    Skids, hardened surface Longer life of skids Less replacement cost and repair time
    Stronger down pressure springs Holds hood in contact with ground better Less potential for spray escaping and crop injury
    Grease fittings in hinges Stop hinges from becoming rusted and frozen up Reduced cost of repairs and repair time
    Mounting brackets pre-punched for 4, 5, & 7 inch toolbars Allows grower to fit to his toolbar Potential savings in switching to 915 hood.
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    Hood Specs16"22"28"30"
    Row Width 20" - 22" Rows 20" - 30" Rows 36" - 38" Rows 38" - 40" Rows
    Height 33.5" 33.5" 33.5" 33.5"
    Width (approximate) 17.25" 21" - 23" 27" - 29" 29" - 31"
    Length 44.5" 44.5" 44.5" 44.5"
    Adjustment Non-adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable

    Specifications 915
    Toolbar Structure 4'' x 4'' and 4'' x 6'' Mainframes and 4'' x 4'' Wings Double Mainframe on 8W and Larger
    Toolbar Structure 4W Rigid
    6W, 8N, 8W, 12N Folding
    8W, 12N, 12W, 16N Stacker
    Tank Sizes 150, Dual 150s, or 300 Gallon
    Row Spacings 20' - 40'
    Toolbar Length Varies
    Hitch Category 2 or 3 Three-Point Quick Hitch
    Pump Ace Hydraulic Driven Centrifugal Pump (optional)
    12v Solenoid Valve & Manual Pressure Relief Valve (standard)
    12v In-cab Pressure Adjustable (optional)
    Spray Nozzles TeeJet (standard)
    Spray Boom Plumbing 3/8'' Quick Attach Nozzle Bodies, Ball Check Strainers
    Spray Boom Height 30'' - 38''
    Transport Height 7' - 13' (folded)
    Transport Width 12' - 28'
    Length (front to back) 6'
    Post Direct Spray Attach Kit Optional
    Over the Row Spray Kit Optional
    Fresh Water Safety Tank 9-Gallon (standard)
    Light Kit / Parking Stands Standard
    Available Colors Red or Green Powder Coat Paint Finish with Grey Hoods
    Shipping Weights (appox) 1,800 - 4,000

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