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Redball® Shuttle ICP

Willmar Fabrication Sprayers

Intermediate Container Platform

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Goodbye pumps and meters.
Hello Shuttle ICP.

The new ICP, Intermediate Container Platform, is a gravity-flow liquid transfer and measurement system compatible with IBCs and mini bulk containers with bottom drains. In other words a dependable, low maintenance and cost effective tool for transferring chemical.

How It Works:

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Eductor & Bypass Kit

The optional eductor creates suction to empty the 10 gallon measuring vessel. Required for operating on the pressure side of the pump. The bypass helps improve the pump flow to the sprayer.

Tank Rinse Kit

An optional kit that rinses the IBC tank and 10 gallon measuring vessel by teeing into the pump side of the ICP Eductor or another fresh water supply.

  • Gravity-flow liquid transfer and measurement system
  • Platform accommodates all IBCs and mini bulk containers with bottom drains
  • Accurately measures crop protection products
  • No pumps, meters or electricity needed
  • Speed of chemical transfer
  • Only one moving part
  • Closed system
  • 10 gallon measuring vessel with a fill rate of 13 gallons per minute
  • Rated for materials up to 1.9 specific gravity
  • 2'' valve and fittings
  • Forklift accessible
  • Four tie down lugs
  • 180 lbs. empty weight
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