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Willmar Fabrication Sprayers

Catch the latest buzz on Redball® Sprayers and Spray Hoods. Conveniently located in one place, find all the latest news on Willmar Fab and spray drift reduction technology as well as controlling resistant weeds.

New Broadcast Spray-Hoods offer Drift Reduction, Better Coverage

Willmar, MN (Feb. 28, 2014) - Willmar Fabrication is making it easy for farmers and custom applicators to be good stewards of the land this season by putting a hood on spray drift, and improving the spray coverage and effectiveness of chemicals while doing so.

“U.S. farmers will spend more than $5 billion on chemicals this season to protect their crops and Willmar wants to help make sure those chemicals hit their target and drift is kept to a minimum,” says Steve Claussen, president of Willmar Fabrication. “Using hooded sprayers during ground applications has the potential to minimize pesticide drift, especially when combined with other drift reduction technologies such as drift retardant adjuvants or low drift nozzles.”

The new Redball® Gen II Broadcast Spray-Hoods from Willmar have been proven in field trials to help reduce spray drift better than open-boom sprayers. In addition, they greatly improve sprayer accuracy and coverage.

In a 2013 field study conducted by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers at the West Central Research Station and Extension Center, Redball® Gen II Broadcast Hoods offered up to 90% drift reduction in the first 4 meters downwind versus open-boom sprayers. The test was conducted in 8 mph wind. Three different spray tips were used on both the hooded sprayer and open-boom. With all three spray tip types, the researchers achieved greater coverage when using them in conjunction with Redball® Gen II Broadcast Hoods versus an open-boom sprayer.

This season, Willmar is offering a simpler way to covert open-boom sprayers to hooded sprayers for better drift protection. The new SPK645 self-propelled retrofit broadcast hood kits allow self-propelled sprayer owners an inexpensive way to upgrade their existing equipment with Redball® Gen II Hoods. Once the kits are installed, the hoods are easy to attach and remove. The kits are available for most self-propelled sprayer makes and models. They include Redball® Gen II Broadcast Hoods plus receiver brackets and hardware.

“When compared to an open-boom sprayer, a Willmar broadcast hooded sprayer allows for better time management, more timely application and increased sprayer value,” Claussen says. “Hoods allow you to spray on days when spraying with an open-boom would be very difficult, giving you more spraying days during the season and more timely applications of herbicides. On top of that, hoods greatly improve the placement and thus, efficacy, of the chemicals being applied, whether it’s insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or defoliants. There has never been a better time or way for applicators and farmers to upgrade their sprayers to hoods for improved drift protection and coverage they’re getting now with open-boom equipment.”

Willmar spray hoods are ideal for today’s chemical application and the next generation of over-the-top herbicide systems coming to agriculture in the near future. The company also offers the Redball® Gen II Hoods on its other sprayer equipment, including the WF642 three-point hitch broadcast hooded sprayer with wheel boom, the WF645 three-point tractor mounted broadcast hooded sprayer with suspended boom and the SP645 self-propelled broadcast hooded boom.

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