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Willmar Fabrication Sprayers

Reservoir Tillage


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Optimizing your water infiltration just became easier. The RT850 Reservoir Tillage tool is designed to run between the rows to create depressions in the ground. This creates a soil profile with better infiltration and permeation, allowing farmers to make optimal use of available water that gets to a field, whether by rainfall or irrigation.


 •Creates depressions to catch rainfall
 •Increases aeration of the ground
 •Reduces runoff and erosion


 •Improves overall ground permeability
 •Retains both water and soil
 •Sustains root and plant growth

RT850 Row Units

  • Abrasion resistant & austempered ductile iron tooth
  • Replaceable teeth, pitched left & right
  • Teeth are set on 5.5''
  • Independent suspension
  • Sand can be added for additional weight and increase down pressure
  • Mount to a 7'' x 7'' bar
  • Multiple row unit sizes can be mounted to a bar to customize tillage requirements
  • Capable of rolling out of ground if tooth hits a rock or obstruction
  • Rubber rod inserts allow movement when obstructions are hit and still transfer down-pressure from the bar and tractor three point
  • Shields to help prevent displacing soil
  • Individual row units available for sale
  • RT850 Reservoir Tillage

  • Till between rows
  • Simple robust design with minimal moving parts
  • 16'' of travel (10'' up, 6'' down from operating position)
  • Toolbar configurations: 6-16 row
  • Hitch: Category 3 or 4 Three-Point
  • Bars available in red or green powder coat paint finish
  • Row Unit Specs 1-Tooth 2-Tooth 3-Tooth
    Number of Teeth 5 Teeth 10 Teeth 15 teeth
    Tooth Length 10" 10" 10"
    Row Spacing 22" 22" - 30" 30" - 40"
    Weight 338 lbs. 547 lbs. 684 lbs.
    Width 8" 13.5" 19"

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