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Redball® Spray Monitor

Willmar Fabrication Sprayers

The Redball® Spray Monitor is a simple gauge that allows you to visually monitor proper flow rate of your liquid fertilizer and herbicide applications. It shows immediately if a nozzle becomes plugged as little as 10% and it tells you, at a glance, any variation in your application rate.

Redball® Spray Monitors have no mechanical or electronic parts that could malfunction. Manufactured of a high-impact plastic, they are virtually unaffected by chemical corrosion.

Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for electronic monitoring, get a Redball® Spray Monitor. It'll do the job accurately and affordably.

Fast Facts

  • Rugged, reliable design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Detection of plugged nozzles
  • Detection of worn or damaged tip
  • Detection of leaks in hoses and connections
  • Increase in yields by proper application


Modular - The Redball® Modular Spray Monitor features individual columns allowing you to customize the number of columns needed and is made right here in America.
Manifold - The Redball® Manifold Spray Monitor is a simple, transparent application gauge that allows farmers to visually monitor the even flow of liquid fertilizer and herbicides.
Squeeze Pump - The Redball® Squeeze Pump Spray Monitor can quickly identify leaks in hoses or damaged tips, helping farmers save themselves thousands of dollars from application hits and misses.

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